Q: Does this putter come in different lengths?

A: Yes. They come in 33”, 34" and 35".  Also available for custom lengths for an additional fee.


Q: Can you adjust the lie on a putter?

A: Yes, we can adjust the lie to your needs. Usually we can go 2-3 degrees forward or back.


Q: What is the lie of the Rose putter?

A: The lie of the Rose putter is 69 degree’s.


Q: What is the loft of the putter?

A: The loft is 3 degrees.


Q: If I change the grip will it throw the balance off?

A: No, you can put any grip on the putter and still maintain the balance.


Q: Does the putter come with a head cover?

A: Yes, our putters come with head covers. Additional covers can be purchased in our shop.