"Just thought I would let you know that this weekend I had my best round in 15 years and was putting lights-out with your putter! In fact, I suspect my brother-in-law will be ordering one after watching my putting."

Dave Dawsey



"Thank you for designing the AxislEagle putter. My confidence is beaming and ready to burst with more really good golf."
Victor Alvarez\Stevens Point, WI


"I am now confident at the 8 to 10 foot putt, where I was apprehensive before. I will make about 60% of them now, where previously I would probably only make 25%. In short, your Axis Putter is the best investment in golf equipment I ever made."
Brian B. Torsney Sr. Palm Desert, CA


"I have used Scotty Camerons, Bettinardi's, Edel, Palombi, Piretti, C&L, Sunset Golf, Odyssey, Lajosi and others.  I took a severe gamble on the Axis1 Eagle putter.  My putting has improved considerably since using this putter.  On putts inside 15 feet, I am as confident of making the putt as I am with a 3 footer!  .  This might be the best money I have ever spent on a golf club!"
Preston Webster


"FYI…Doug Ross and I won our flight and came in overall second for the Member/Member! The Axis1 came through like a champ! At certain times I was damn near unconscious with it. I had our competitors talking to themselves and me! Sunday I think I nailed 6 putts from 20 to 5 feet. Saturday included an eight foot eagle on 18 Lake. Just thought you might like to know!"
Bruce Pearlman


"I met you at the PGA Golf Show in Orlando this year and purchased the Axis 1 putter. I told you I would let you know how I like it. It is by far the best putter I have ever owned! I would love to purchase another one because I don't ever want to be without one."
L.S. McMichael


"I am still getting used to the change in feel, but I have been particularly impressed with my ability to get close to the hole on lag putts. For an armature like me, avoiding three putts makes a huge difference in scoring. My confidence is growing with each round! I look forward to having a great summer on the course."
John Strickland


"After 16 years of reviewing all golf products…I can honestly say that the AXIS1 is the first putter to live up to its claims. 100%."
Charley Coppola, Product Editor, Golf Today Magaizne


"When I first heard about the Axis1 concept, I was expecting to see another gimmick. However, now that I have seen and used the putter, I can honestly say that I like the look, I like the feel, and this putter is not a gimmick, it is based on real physics."
Chester Shira, former CEO and founder of Carbite Golf


"Wow, this is really a different looking putter. I like the feel, this club really feels different; it doesn’t twist in your hands the way other putters do."
Tom Cunneff, Senior Editor and equipment reviewer for Links Magazine


"I have been producing and designing golf equipment for over 30 years and I have to say that it is an honor to meet a real pioneer in golf club design."
Endor Wang, Sr. Engineer for NAII, golf club manufacturers


"Not only does this club have perfect balance, it also looks like a work of art that should be in a museum."
Bruce Black, Director, TopFlight Shortgame School, Denver, CO


"I ran out to practice the day after getting it, and hit about 10 putts in freezing weather and immediately put my Odyssey aside in the garage. I was able to switch without any reservation or learning curve. -The balance is so good that if you hit a normal pendulum swing (no wrist action) the ball comes off the putter on the intended path with no sideways spin. If you line up correctly, it is very hard to miss a 4 footer."
Steve Sands, Sun Microsystems, Austin, TX


"I seldom three putt now and anything within four feet is most likely to go in. I was never good at this length putt before the Axis 1. Overall distance is now easily felt and controlled. A minor thing, but I love how it feels in the hands and how much fun it is to twirl around after making a birdie. I hope you are selling many of these as I highly recommend it."
James Clark


"I used my Axis1 Eagle putter for the first time today. Nothing even close to a 3 putt green. I absolutely love it! My playing partners were very impressed."
Vince Fadale, Oahu, HI


"My buddy has a righty and it makes me sick to watch him drain putts. He says his axis1 putters is better than his old Scotty Cameron California series. Please let me know if you can help a southpaw out."
Cody Thompson


"Fantastic! My golf buddies say that I am now one of the best putters in our golf groups. My handicap index went from 15.2 to 12.3. I don't know if it is the putter or just the confidence I now have in my putting. I don't care which it is. I love the putter. Thanks for this great technology."
Gary Daniel, Savannah, Georgia


"The Axis 1 is the first putter that I've used that consistently will put the ball on line. Now whether I can read the green right or not is another matter, but on those occasions when my read is correct, I finally feel I have a putter than can roll the ball on that line. Maybe putting will finally become the part of my game that will help me get better, as opposed to holding me back."
Mark Enderle


"Mr. Pedraza, I received the Eagle putter today and of course I was anxious to try it. On the back nine, I birdied the last hole for a 36! It was the first time I ever parred the back nine or front for that matter. Immediately, I felt a sense of confidence with the Axis 1 putter that I never had with any other putter. I'm convinced that this putter is as close to perfection as any putter can get."
Jeff Selles, Madison, Wisconsin


"I am a proud owner of an Axis1 putter and this year I have dramatically improved my putting after committing to this putter."
Chuck Mitchell


"It is definitely my new best friend! I honestly have had ZERO 3 putts since I got it and only one round over par. It's amazing! :)"
Kylee Brown