Limited Edition: Axis1 Proto

Introducing the Axis1 Proto: The first ever Plasma Welded, Uni-Body constructed putter with a hollow cavity back.

Our goal was to design a single body Stainless Steel putter that moved the center of gravity forward and placed it in line with the Axis of the shaft.

Engraved, numbered and signed by Axis1 Founder, Luis Pedraza

15 produced

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Limited Edition: Axis1 Proto




350 grams
CNC 304 stainless steel, with Proprietary Lightweight Composite Back
Loft & Lie
Loft 2.5°, Lie 69°


Lamkin Deep-Etched traditional-sized paddle shape grip for maximum feel and feedback


Ships with an Axis1 numbered headcover

The Axis1 difference

Perfect balance
Putter remains square at address and travels perpendicular to your swing path.
Putter will not twist open at address or windshield wipe open throughout your swing nor will it twist upon hitting the ball.
Patented technology
For the very first time, our patented heel counterweight places the center of gravity in the center of the striking face and in line with the axis of the shaft.
3rd major putter innovation
Following the evolutions of perimeter weighting and alignment features on putters comes Axis1’s revolutionary Perfect Balance/ Torque Free Technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will An Axis1 Putter Feel Different?
Yes. Each putter is individually tuned and perfectly balanced. Our putters might initially feel lighter due to their unique balance characteristics, but their ability to hold your line will make you a convert.
Do the putters come in different lengths?
Yes. They come in 33”, 34″ and 35″. Also available for custom lengths for an additional fee.
Does the putter come with a head cover?
Yes, our putters come with head covers. Additional covers can be purchased in our shop.
Do you ship internationally?
Yes, though note we have retailers in Europe, Japan, Korea, and Australia. Please see our Retailer Locator for more information. We can also ship internationally from the US if there are no stores in your area. Click HERE for more information on international shipments from the US.

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